Multi-channel detectors Two, three, four and eight-channel detectors for gas analysis and flame detection , in which more than one spectral channel is to be measured in one detector .

Available with reduced microphone sensitivity
Integrated beam splitter

Typecasingchannel   Opening (mm)Operating modes JFET / OpAmpDetectivity *
VP-LRM-202TO462nd3.05 x 2.05Voltage operationJFET4
VP-LIM-011TO84thø 2.5Voltage operationJFET0.8
VP-LIM-054TO84th2.8 x 2.8Current operationOpAmp0.42
VP-LRM-244TO84th8.5 x 8.5Current operationOpAmp6
VP-LRM-274TO84th8.5 x 8.5Current operationOpAmp6
VP-LRM-278TO88th8.5 x 8.5Current operationOpAmp4.5
VP-LRM-102TO182nd3.05 x 2.05Voltage operationJFET4
VP-LIM-032TO392nd2.8 x 2.8Voltage operationJFET2.9
VP-LRM-254TO394th5.0 x 5.0Voltage operationJFET4.7
VP-LRM-284TO394th5.0 x 5.0Current operationOpAmp4.5