SWIR NIR TELECENTRIC Design to cover wavelength Range from 800 nm ~ 1700 nm.
IR wavelengths of 850nm and 940nm (also called NIR – Near InfraRed) as well as 1200 nm to 1500 nm are commonly used in machine vision. IR can help reduce color of objects. IR can reduce glare and reflections. IR has a longer wavelength than visible light which usually results in a greater transmission of light into a material.
A high transmission can result in IR transmitting thru materials like paper, cloth and plastic. This makes IR a good light source for inspecting fill levels in packaging. IR wavelengths react differently on materials and coatings than visible light. Certain defects and flaw detection can be identified with IR where visible light did not work.
Application for NIR/SWIR Imaging High Megapixel resolution 1″ sensor format support High transmittance from 800nm – 1700nm

  Model  Mag.  WD(mm)Working F/ #  NA  Resolution (um)  Depth (mm)Sensor Diago- nal  Aperture
NIR-SWIR-0.6X-1100.61106.70.04513.351.4816Fixed / Variable
NIR-SWIR-1.5X-1101.51107.50.160.2616Fixed / Variable
NIR-SWIR-2.0X-110211090.115.50.1816Fixed / Variable
NIR-SWIR-3.0X-110311011. / Variable
NIR-SWIR-4.0X-110411015. / Variable
NIR-SWIR-5.0X-1105110190.134.60.0616Fixed / Variable