Microscopic Tube Lens with Various magnification; available for Wavelength Range 900 ~1700 nm.
• NIR-SWIR Tube Lens (800 ~ 1700 nm)
• Suitable for 1/3″,1/2″,1/1.8″, 2/3″, 1” Sensor Area
• Magnification 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X
• Compact design with coaxial & Non –Coaxial Illumination
• Infinity Corrected.
• Customized Design as per requirement.

Model NumberMagnificationFocal LengthSensor Size
NIR-SWIR–Tube-0.5X-160.5 X1001″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-0.7X-160.7 X1401″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-1X-161 X2001″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-1.5X-161.5 X3001″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-2X-162 X4001″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-0.5X-110.5 X1002/3″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-0.7X-110.7 X1402/3″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-1X-111 X2002/3″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-1.5X-111.5 X3002/3″
NIR-SWIR–Tube-2X-112 X4002/3″