Optical type: Transmissive Polarizer
Color: neutral gray
Polarizing efficiency: 99.9% (changed)
Polarizer wavelength: 380~700nm
UV-Cut: Yes
Thickness: 0.18mm & 0.21 mm
Direction: linear polarizer
Durability: 60°C/90%RH(relative humidity)/500Hours polarizer test passed
Adhesive glue: Available with Glue and Without Glue
Protective film: both sides (please remove the protective films before using polarizer.)
Application: polarizer 3D glasses, polarized sunglasses, polarized fishing glasses, polarizing microscope, polarizing camera filter, telescope filters, polarimeter, photography polarizer, light polarizer, polariscope, rotating filter with using two polarizers, photoelastic stress analysis, glare reduction, motion illusion.

Avalaible in Size : 50x50mm ; 100x100mm, 200x250mm, 500x1000mm, 620x1000mm

Price Start from 10 $ Each (Depend on Size)