Infrared detectors in TO18 or TO39 housing for gas analysis , flame detection and radiometry.

TO18 and TO39 housing designs
Voltage or current operation
Signal processing with JFET or operational amplifier
Thermally compensated (optional)
With special chip holder to reduce microphone sensitivity (optional)

Typecasing Opening (mm)Operating modes JFET / OpAmpDetectivity
VP-LIE-200TO18ø 2.3Current operationJFET0.55
VP-LIE-202TO18ø 2.3Voltage operationJFET4
VP-LIE-216TO18ø 2.3Voltage operationJFET3
VP-LIE-316TO395.0 x 5.0Voltage operationJFET4
VP-LME-302TO395.0 x 5.0Voltage operationJFET6
VP-LME-316TO395.0 x 5.0Voltage operationJFET4
VP-LME-335TO395.0 x 5.0Current operationOpAmp6
VP-LME-336TO395.0 x 5.0Current operationOpAmp4
VP-LME-351TO395.0 x 5.0Current operationOpAmp1.8
VP-LME-352TO395.0 x 5.0Current operationOpAmp1.5
VP-LME-501TO395.0 x 5.0Current operationno 
VP-LME-551TO395.0 x 5.0Current operationOpAmp2.5