The detector with tunable Fabry-Perot filter (FPF) can be used for continuous monitoring of an entire spectral range.

Microspectrometer for analytical measuring devices and gas measuring devices
Four spectral ranges available
Spectral resolution (λ / Δλ) up to 60
Electrostatic actuator for tuning the wavelength
Active compensation of changes in position and temperature
Current operation
Thermally compensated
Evaluation kit available

Typecasingchannel   Opening (mm)Operating modes JFET / OpAmpDetectivity *
VP-LFP-3144CTO8tunableø 1.9Current operationOpAmp0.036
VP-LFP-3850CTO8tunableø 1.9Current operationOpAmp0.03
VP-LFP-5580CTO8tunableø 2.0Current operationOpAmp0.048
VP-LFP-80105CTO8tunableø 2.0Current operationOpAmp0.04