Fiber Optic Flexible:

The Fiber Bundle sheathing is made of PVC covered metal tubing and the gooseneck is made of semi-obedient, chrome-plated metal gooseneck tubing.
Bend radius of the chrome gooseneck tubing is 2-3″ (51 – 76).

The standard output ferrules accept spot lenses with or without polarizing caps.

Standard Light Guide input accepts our LED and Halogen Series light sources.

Custom configurations are available. Lead time is required.

ModelCore Dia.Fiber materialLengthTubesSpectral range
VP-Fiber Flexible-4-10004mmPMMA1000mmFlexible SUS380 ~ 780nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-4-10004mmGOF1000mmFlexible SUS400 ~ 1400nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-6-10006mmPMMA1000mmFlexible SUS380 ~ 780nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-6-10006mmGOF1000mmFlexible SUS400 ~ 1400nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-8-20008mmPMMA2000mmFlexible SUS380 ~ 780nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-8-20008mmGOF2000mmFlexible SUS400 ~ 1400nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-10-100010mmPMMA1000mmFlexible SUS380 ~ 780nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-10-100010mmGOF1000mmFlexible SUS400 ~ 1400nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-3-15003mmGOF1500mmFlexible SUS400 ~ 1400nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-3-15003mmSilica fiber1500mmFlexible SUS200 ~ 1200nm
VP-Fiber Flexible-2.5-10002.5mmGOF1000mmFlexible SUS400 ~ 1400nm