Fiber Optic Line :

Rugged aluminum body with black anodized finish.

PVC covered metal or stainless steel tubing protect the fiber bundle.

Lightline holders and support products available.

Cylindrical and apertured lenses are available as standard products for most lightline models.

ModelCore Dia. Fiber materialLengthTubesLighting Area
VP-Fiber Line-8-15008mmPOF1500mmFlexible SUS50 x 1mm x 1
VP-Fiber Line-8-15008mmGOF1500mmFlexible sus50 x 0.5mm x 2
VP-Fiber Line-11.1-150011.1mmPOF1500mmFlexible SUS180 x 0.5mm x 1
VP-Fiber Line-10.7-150010.7mmGOF1500mmFlexible SUS180 x 0.5mm x 1
VP-Fiber Line-11.1×7-200011.1mm X 7POF2000mmFlexible SUS1260 x 0.5mm x 1