Multi-Branched Fiber Bundles

Tight bending radius for easy routing.

A variety of standard sizes in dual and quad configurations.

Multi-leg bundles are illuminated with one light source.

The standard output ferrules accept spot lenses with or without polarizing caps.

The bundles can be used with other manufacturer’s continuous light sources. Adaptors may be required.

ModelCore Dia.Fiber materialLengthTubesSpectral range
VP-MB Fiber-7-10007mmPMMA1000mmFlexible SUS380 ~ 780nm
VP-MB Fiber-7-20007mmGOF2000mmFlexible SUS400 ~ 1400nm
VP-MB Fiber-8-10008mmPMMA1000mmFlexible SUS       380 ~ 780nm
VP-MB Fiber-8-20008mmGOF2000mmFlexible SUS400 ~1400nm
VP-MB Fiber-3.7-3083.7mmPMMA308mmPlastic Tube380 ~ 780nm
VP-MB Fiber-3.7-3083.7mmGOF308mmPlastic Tube400 ~ 1400nm
VP-MB Fiber-3000 PMMA3000mmFlexible380 ~780nm
VP-MB Fiber-3000 PMMA3000mmFlexible380 ~ 780nm
VP-MB Fiber-2.8-3602.8mmSilica Fiber360mmPlastic Tube190 ~ 1100nm
VP-MB Fiber-7-10007mmSilica Fiber1000mmFlexible SUS400 ~ 1700nm
VP-MB Fiber-12-300012mmGOF3000mmPlastic Tube400 ~ 1400nm